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Did you sleep like a baby? Or are you awake all night?

It’s no secret that sleep is known for massive recovery, cognitive, and emotional restoration. It is absolutely vital for all species.

We often forget how important it really is. We often have a tendency to undervalue the power of a good nights rest.

Adults need on average 8-9 hours of sleep per night, even as little as 7 has been shown to alter emotional intelligence.

We have 2 types of sleep and both have been shown to have different outcomes on the brain:

– Non rapid eye movement (NREM)

– Rapid eye movement (REM)

NREM is deep, restorative sleep, almost like yoga for the brain. REM sleep is dream state which puts short term memory into long term (form new nerve connections), restores emotional capability, and even helps understand motor control. Hence the expression ‘sleep on it.’ You can wake up with a new perspective or understanding of last night’s problems. You spend on average more time in REM state. Depending on your activities through the day your body will naturally want one more than the other.

Fun fact: you cannot catch up on sleep once it is lost. This is a myth. Try to keep sleep a high priority. This means DON’T let Netflix roll into the next episode of whatever you’re watching. Turn off the Television and get to bed. Your body will thank you the next morning by feeling refreshed and awake instead of groggy and half asleep.

So if you want to be your best mentally, physically, and emotionally, get your Z’s!

Coach Dan

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