Overall Health Chart

Overall Health Chart lifestyle nutrition exercise

Overall Health Chart

Today we wanted to take time to talk about overall health. If you think about how to get after better health. Most individuals will first think of exercise first and foremost. However, as you can see from the chart, the exercise piece is actually a really small sliver of the overall pie. Where you get the best bang for your buck is focusing on the nutrition and lifestyle pieces. That is why we love to incorporate those as being important parts of our program. In actual fact, if you could only focus on one thing I would spend my own time focusing on nutrition and sleep. Those are probably the least sexy but they have the ability to make the biggest impact.


You come to a realization that you want to improve your health and fitness. Now the question is what to do first. So much to tackle. Think about making one small change and stick to that change like glue. Creating small sustainable changes is the healthiest way to long term progression. The worst way is an all of nothing crash diet that allows for zero flexibility. The most intense eating styles usually result in you finding yourself at the bottom of a gallon of ice cream and not knowing how you got there.


The holy trinity is being able to combine a lifestyle that challenges you but doesn’t overwhelm you. Eating real wholesome food that you digest really well. Finally, having an exercise program that gets you closer to your goals. If you can get all those things in check, your life is bound to improve overall. As we like to say, your sense of well being would go from a 65/100 to a 88/100. You would feel a ton better.


If you would like to get some great tips about your own nutrition or lifestyle habits please book a FREE consult here. You have nothing to loose and learning the basics of how your body works is really something every person should know. The reality is that you will be around your own body a really long time.

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