On Site Coaching

What is On Site Coaching?

On site coaching is a personalized, progressive fitness program, that allows you to workout under the supervision of a coach all the while being supported by a community of like minded members around you.

  • Consultation

    The first step is for us to meet in person. We want to get to know you first and foremost. Think of this as a first date with your coach.

  • Initial Assessment

    This is a 3 hour process. We explore your goals, movement analysis, physical assessment and work capacity testing.

  • Personalized workout

    You get a unique personalized workout specifically for you based on your goals and your initial assessment.

  • Nutritional Guidance

    The food you put in your mouth is just as important as the exercise you do in the gym.

  • Lifestyle support

    Managing your lifestyle is the best way to make sure you get the best results from the effort you put into the gym.

Come train with us in our facility and work with us in person. We will help guide you through your workout from start to finish. It’s very important to us that you move safely.

The relationship you build with your coach is one of the most important things we can provide. We are there to help guide and support you towards your goals. We track and deliver all of our workouts with TrueCoach. TrueCoach is a cloud based that that helps the coach and client communicate seamlessly.

We use True Coach to track our clients daily progress. It can also be used to track your daily workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle changes that we recommend. All of these recommendations are based on your initial assessment. We want to make sure we meet you where you’re at.

Keeping really a high level accountability is one of the most important pieces of our program. We want to make sure your coach is keeping track of how you’re feeling and what your progress looks like 100% of the time.

Progress Tracking

We track exercise history and metrics, so both you and your coach can log results and visualize progress towards specific goals over time.

Real-Time Messaging

Clients can comment on specific workouts or send direct messages right from the TrueCoach app. All coach-to-client communication is kept in one place.

Nutritional Tracking

We assign high-level macro and mico goals and measure progress on a per-client basis over time. We track your clients' macronutrient intake and graph their progress in one place.

Email Notifications

You are automatically notified of upcoming workouts ahead of time. We also remind you when upcoming client workouts are due or if you miss a workout, so you're never left waiting.

Exercise Library

Our workouts always come with demonstration videos that show you how to do the exercise properly.

Workout Builder

We design and deliver personalized workouts using exercises and videos from our exercise library. These workouts are easy to understand neatly laid out.

What is on site coaching?

On site coaching is based on the idea that you would be training at our location. We always like the idea of you going to a gym that is close to your home or close to work. Realistically, those are the two places that you frequent the most. Our location is close to the corner of St. Laurent Blvd and Innes Rd. Click here for the exact location on google maps.

How does on site coaching work?

At Actus Individual the service we provide our members is similar to personal training except the difference is that this service is much more comprehensive. Instead of seeing a trainer 3 times a week for a 30-60 minute personal training sessions that can cost $60-$100 a session, we write out a personalized programming for each member to complete. We design our exercise program based on the results of a 3 hour comprehensive assessment that is done in person at our location. We are there to help guide and support you through your workout in the gym.

Will I ever get to see my trainer?

Yes, every time you walk in the gym.

Can I try it out first?

Yes, we always begin with a 4 week trial to see how you like the service. The last thing we want is someone paying for a service they aren’t using. Life is expensive enough. We don’t need 1 more gym membership that isn’t being used. That’s why we love people who are serious about making changes to improve their health.

How do I get my workouts?

We use True Coach which is a state of the art coaching application to make communication seamless between coach and client. True Coach is easy to use and houses all of members data. Clients can opt to get an email sent to them every morning with their workout or simply log in to the app and see their training for that day. Each movement will have an exercise prescription next to it (reps, sets, rest, tempo, explanation if needed) and a video attached in case anyone ever wants a movement refresher. Clients are able to keep track of their scores, set new benchmark goals, and message or comment on workouts anytime.

What type of people do you work with?

We coach people who take their fitness seriously, whether you have a performance goal or simply to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

What makes the Actus Individual style different from any personal trainer?

When you get personal training, you’re paying for 60 minutes of a trainers time. With the Individual methodology we help you with exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. That’s a ton of value. We found that a lot of people may be doing a ton of exercise but it’s based on a terrible foundation of poor nutrition and bad sleep quality. Once you combine the holy trinity, you’ll get the best results.

Together, we lay down the foundation of what daily habits need to be put into place to ensure we are on the right path to success for our members. Our members are “long-term” members. These are people who love the process and want consistent, not instant, results. Our goal is to help build those consistent habits.

Are you guys personal trainers?

Nope, we are coaches. Personal Trainers train you for 60-90 minutes and are clocked out at the end of your session. Our coaches are not just here for your fitness because we see the most success from building healthy habits around the other 23 hours in your day… OUTSIDE of the gym!

Do you have just nutrition coaches?

Lucky for you your coach will combine your fitness, lifestyle and nutrition needs all wrapped up into one amazing service. So there is no need for separate coaches when you work with Actus Individual.

Why is there a coaching agreement?

Long lasting results do not happen overnight… Rome wasn’t built in a day. Our coaches take the time to invest in every client, and we want you to invest in us. By signing our agreement you are saying to your coach that you understand this is not a 6-Week Fix. You are committing to the process and are ready to make long-term changes to reach your goals!

How do I get started?

Book a FREE consultation here.