New Year, New You?

New Years Resolution

New Year, New You?

With the beginning of a new year the ambition to start something new often gets brought up when we are talking to clients. A brand new year is a change to start a new routine or turn over a new leaf. We often hear the expression new year new you. It’s a chance to reinvent yourself. Here are three principles that you should use to make sure you’re successful pas January.

  1. Less is more (focus on 1-2 things, no more)
  2. Consistency (keep it going no matter what 1 day at a time)
  3. Why? (Why are you doing what you’re doing)

These three principles are simple but I promise they work. We use variations of these with different clients regularly. They aren’t sexy in the conventional sense. There is no magic pill or quick fat burning shake here. This is really just a very practical method that works based on human behaviour.

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