How LED lighting affects sleep

How blue light affect people chat

How LED lighting affects sleep

LED’s are an incredible technological advantage in the lighting world. However, like everything it’s not all glory. They can be poor for your rest and sleep quality.

Our daily rise and sleep schedule ‘rests’ (pun intended) on the rising and setting of our sun. Our body wakes with light and sleeps with light. Which is also why in a dim setting, most people experience fatigue, this our eyes experiencing sunset telling us to sleep.

Blue light specifically, which is emitted by LED’s, still stimulates our eyes to keep us in a ‘wake cycle’. This can be problematic if you’re trying to get to bed but the light from your electronics is telling you to stay awake because it’s still day time. Most mobile and tablet devices now come with a blue light filter built right in that will sync with your Ottawa sunrise and sunset time. They also have blue light filters that you can download on any computer for free called f.lux. As for the television, you can buy blue light glasses.

If you’re an office worker trying to improve daily rhythm and energy or someone who wants to sleep better, put a blue light filter on your electronics and avoid them 60-90 minutes before bed.

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