Goal setting 101

Goal setting plan

Goal setting 101

Today we talked about goal setting. There are entire books are goal setting. The purpose of todays talk was to make sure you know why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you don’t have a goal with purpose there is no way you’ll be successful.

Generally when we look at goal setting we want to make sure we have two things. The first is purpose and the second is alignment. Don’t be afraid to dig and figure out why you have that goal. Why is it important to you? How will having that goal help you in your daily life?

Individuals that don’t have a good reason for being typically loose motivation and fizzles out. Don’t be another person who starts something and fizzles out. Making sure you have purpose and alignment around your goal are key ways to make sure you stick to it. Don’t rush this part as most people tend to go straight their goal without taking the time to ask the important questions.

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