Glute Activation

glute activation with buns of steel

Glute Activation

Today I wanted to talk about Glute Activation. First things first, why do we want to talk about glute activation? The main reason is after 11 years of having worked with a ton different people and cases you star to pickup on certain patterns of commonality. One of those points of commonality is weak or inactive glutes.

Our lifestyle today is a major reason why the glutes become inactive. The average job today is a lot more sedentary than it used to be. So if you’re sitting on your glutes then there isn’t a lot of blood flow that is happening. That is going to make them a lot more stagnant and eventually atrophy. By building up the glutes we can build better overall leg balance. Some of the common side effects associated from inactive glutes would be hip pain, knee pain or back pain.

One of the things you can want to think about is the state of your hip flexors. The couch stretch is a good one to stretch out the hip flexors. By stretching out those hip flexors you give those glutes a chance to activate.

The pelvis has a huge effect on how well the glutes activate. The position of the pelvis can affect how easy or hard it can be to activate the glutes. Understanding how to shift your pelvis forwards or backwards is important. For a lot of people if you have an anterior pelvic tilt you may not be able to activate your glute. We want to think about keeping your pelvis in a neutral position.

Check out this quick video took to give you a much better idea behind positioning:

If you can’t understand that positioning of the pelvis you won’t be able to understand how to activate the glute in some of the bigger compound movements such as the squat or the deadlift.

Here are a couple of exercises that are more simplistic in nature that can help glute activation so that you can create great awareness around them.

Check out this quick demonstration video of the Glute Bridge:

Check out this quick demonstration video of the Banded Hip Thrust:

You should be feeling both those exercises in the glutes. I also recently ran a seminar that went towards a good cause to help teach people around how to activate your glutes.

Finally, once you understand loosening up the hip flexors, understand the position of the pelvis and you have done exercises to activate your glutes you are now ready to activate your glutes in some of the bigger compound movements. The signal from brain to muscle is incredible important and often this part of the learn is rushed in order to just hit the exercise hard. Take your time as the motor unit recruitment pattern is key in order to make sure you can express that activation in a more dynamic movement such as the squat and the deadlift.

If you have any questions or having any trouble activating the glutes please feel free to reach out here.


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