Do you Diet?

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Do you Diet?

Following a Diet is very different than following healthy habits. Why don’t diets work long term? We all know someone who tried the latest and greatest diet trend and gained back most of the original weight. It doesn’t really matter if it’s macro counting, vegan, paleo, ketogenic, or carnivore.  The ironic part is that often times the person will gain back even more weight than they had originally. Ultimately they couldn’t maintain the diet which is why we aren’t a fan of diets in general. They tend to be very restrictive and therefore destructive. There in lies the main issue with diets in general. They are NOT sustainable for most. So one can ask the question, why the hell are we doing the diet in the first place? If it isn’t sustainable, and you’re likely to just gain back the weight and then some,  you’re better off NOT doing the diet in the first place.

Here is another analogy for you to chew on. Think of someone with poor financial habits. They just won the lottery. They’ve got tons of money for life. Why are they likely to end up broke or deceased? Fundamental their usual habits will often get the best of them. They haven’t understood how to manage their finances.

It’s a similar situation for dieting. When you have created good habits day-to-day, good food hygiene, and a good relationship with food, you’re much more likely to stay healthier and stick with a good balanced lifestyle for longer. Food no longer holds you prisoner. Food habits are about a perpetual choice you make because you understand how the food you consume have affect your daily energy level, mental acuity, and overall health.

Every 3-5 years we begin a whole new nutrition fad diet. Right now we are currently transitioning from ketogenic to vegan. You don’t have to try the latest fad. We believe in educating our clients about the positives and negatives of each diet. Our human tendency is to want the latest magic pill that can fix all of our problems. The truth is, there is no magic pill. The sooner you can begin building a solid healthy of habits that work for you, the sooner you will be successful with your own health and fitness.

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