Common or normal?

common or normal

Common or normal?

I think it’s important to reflect on our own well being, often. From time to time you want to take sometime to think “Is how I’m feeling really normal?”.

An issue I see in everyday health, is those thinking common symptoms are normal.

An example is constant bloating. If we had a $1 for every client who experienced frequent gas we would have many many dollars. Many clients have the wrong reaction with regard to experiencing frequent gas or distention. Often times they think “it’s natural or it’s normal,”. Our response is always a resounding “no, heck no.” I’d probably use another inappropriate word for ‘heck’ but that’s not important. Most times excessive gas is a sure sign that your body is not able to break down the food you are eating properly. A common question we like to ask is “How do you feel after you eat that food?”. That’s the real sure fire way to understand what that food is doing to your body. Good quality food is bound to make you feel vital and energetic. Poor quality food is bound to make you feel lethargic, lazy, sleepy, or even bloated. Creating solid awareness around how the foods make you feel isn’t easy. We often eat unconsciously which leads to poor awareness around how we feel. Some of the most common intolerances to food would be wheat and dairy. It depends largely on the individual. That is why we believe nutrition should also personalized. For example, for some a peanut can make you feel great and for others it can kill you.  The same can be said about dairy. Another example makes me think about my wife and I. My wife has always felt great eating dairy. I on the other hand feel like a blow fish if I consume more than a tiny amount of dairy.

Another important differentiation is difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance:

What’s an allergy. A food allergy is an IgE-mediated immune response to a protein in a food. Even eating a very small amount of the food or particles of the food can potentially trigger a life-threatening reaction. You have to be extremely careful that you don’t come in contact with the food or it could be life threatening.

A food intolerance is the inability to digest or absorb certain foods. For example, think of me being lactose intolerant. I do not have enough of the enzyme lactase to break down the sugar (lactose) found in dairy products.  It’s not life threatening but definitely very uncomfortable. You can live with food intolerances for a long period of time.

Another common example we hear often is heartburn. This is a common symptom that people feel is “normal”. Regular heartburn is not normal and something is definitely going on behind the scenes with the type of food you’re eating or perhaps with how . you’re digesting it.

Pain is a mechanism or pathway the body uses to speak to you, trying to tell you something. If you listen and pay attention to your body, you can learn a lot. Such as what digests well or what doesn’t digest well. This is one way we further understand ourselves on our journey to better health, mental, and physical performance.

If you seek good health, listen and don’t mistake common for normal.

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