Chew your food



“What the f$%^ did he just say?”

I’m saying chew your food, you’re not a duck.

A ton of variables go into good digestion from the moment you start thinking about food, to when it touches your lips, to evacuating bowels.

Chewing your food gives plenty of time to allow saliva to start digestion (saliva is enzymes to break food down), but it goes further. If you swallow well-chewed food, when it hits stomach acid, it can be broken down much better, therefore absorbed much better. When we chew large chunks, the body has to work double time to break that down in the stomach, and may even not finish the job before pushing it along. Your food can rot in your stomach (putrefaction) and bloated, gas, heart burn, etc can be the consequence.

Chewing is important. You can think “Chew Chew Chew your food, up and down your mouth”

You’re not a duck.


Coach Dan

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